Marissa Ericson, PhD

Marissa received her Ph.D. in Clinical Neuroscience from the University of Southern California and BA from Cornell University. Her early research focused on the electrocortical, neuropsychological, and psychophysiological etiology of several psychopathologies, namely schizophrenia spectrum disorders (specifically schizotypal traits) and adolescent aggression and psychopathic traits, using a wide range of psychophysiological and brain-related modalities (EEG, ERPs, EKG, sEMG).

Marissa’s ongoing experience with biomarkers has fueled her interest, papers, and current research projects on oscillopathies, resonance and neural models of sub-threshold perceptual processes, as well as intra-somatic coherence among bodily systems and organs (EEG, EKG, and EGG). Her research interests and current projects span computational and information processing models of consciousness, General Resonance theory (GRT) of consciousness, mindfulness, brain-body dynamics, neural synchrony, and quantum theories of consciousness.

Marissa is currently a data scientist and research consultant at USC, Chapman University, and UCSB META lab. Marissa is also a professor and Dissertation Chair at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and California Lutheran University, teaching courses  ranging from Cognitive Processes, Brain and Behavior, and Child and Adolescent Abnormal Psychology to Undergraduate and Graduate Statistics, Research Methods, and Psychology of Happiness.